Friend of Jacks. Has a crush on Tanner. Smart level-headed shy girl that finally gains control over the situation and get tough.
Jenny Cipolla - Littleton
Hi! I just graduated from high school where I played volleyball for all four years! I am double jointed in my arms, which can freak people which I find hilarious!. I am a pro at catching things with my mouth (my record is 30 in a row!) and I actually exclaimed "I love math!" in my calculus class, so I am exactly like Brianna.
Karlie McLaren - Parker
Hi, I'm Karlie, and my passions include volunteering at an equine ranch to helping people with disabilities ride horses. I also enjoy uploading makeup tutorials on YouTube geared towards high school and college-aged women, incorporating celebrity and special occasion looks.
Millie Schreibman - Grand Junction
Hello! My name is Millie - it's an easy one to remember because it rhymes with silly! Silly is my specialty, whether I'm being weird to make someone smile for a photograph, or just talking to myself in weird voices while I paint. I have always loved photography and painting, and I am extremely lucky that being involved in the arts, from acting and singing to photography and graphic design, is both my job and what I do for fun. Additionally, I love having laser gun fights, playing the violin, and being active. Veni, Vidi, Vici!
Sarah Barrett - Loveland
Hello I'm Sarah, and I'm very passionate about life! Simple as that. I'm a dancer, and will be attending DSA for that next year. I love food, especially chocolate pudding and sunflower seeds. My two front teeth are fake. Also I laugh all the time and enjoy indie music. That's pretty much it.
Taylor Poyfair - Glendale
Little known facts about me are that I love to sing, act, model and dance and I'm cultured in various types of music including hip hop, electronic, classical and alternative. I have climbed 7 fourteeners and did competitive freestyle skiing for 8 years, which led me to the Junior Olympics. I'm also a sucker for sweets!